Kayatma — ONA

Kayatma — ONA
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We are happy to announce the new album by Kayatma and Microcosmos Records.

Konstantin Kayatma is a sound producer from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. He is the author of emotional chillout music blended in different styles, spiced with breakbeat rhythms, ethnic tunes, synthetic overtones, and live instruments. Kayatma is a regular performer at parties and festivals in Russia, Ukraine, India, Indonesia, Thailand, and Taiwan.

The new album ONA is a story about the most wonderful being of the world, about a woman. She is the Universe, she is the Star, she is the Mother Nature and the Life herself. Everything has female energy, and, in particular, music has it. This album includes nine songs with nine female voices, views and souls. Each of the songs has a story and a mystery, and they all compound an enigmatic image of a complicated but still endlessly beautiful and delicate creature that is called She. And she is the one.


Written & Produced by Konstantin Kayatma

Additional Instruments:
Dmitriy Prynkov: Santoor (1)
Mark Atlasov: Saw (1)
Eugène Fed: Cello (2, 6, 9)
Andrew Jasinsky: Melodika & Visla (6)
Alexander Samodum: Harp Guitar (6)
Yarosvet: Flute (7)
Vladlen Sokolov: Gudjen ​​​​​​​(7)
Svetlana Overchuk: Hang (8)

Veraslava (1)
Regina Zhilyaeva (1)
Lera Banina (2)
Ilya Rimar (3)
Julia Loshkareva (3)
Anna Chehova (4)
Daliya (5)
Alesiya Mokhova (6)
Veronika Kurbanmamedova (7)
Viktoria Ionkina (8)
Alina Kolesova (9)


Manifold Studio

Cover artwork:

Kseniya Mikhailova

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