Microcosmos Records is proud to present Underwater Remixes, a remix album of Vena Portae, featuring works by Sasha Malkovich, Matiquechua, Nicoorion and Sirius C.

Vena Portae is a Russian band who produce electroacoustic music in a wide range of genres such as ambient, downtempo, IDM, trip-hop. In their delicate music synthesized sound is enriched with acoustic instruments, ethnic percussions, and magnificent vocal.

Underwater Remixes includes five remixes by the friend projects of Vena Portae from countries all over the world such as Spain, Chile, and Russia. It includes a remix for “Coral” by Sasha Malkovich, as well as a video version of original track modified by a cosmic sound of thereminvox.

Turn on Underwater Remixes and join the mystical music journey to the depth of the ocean, immerse into the kingdom of corals and shiny underwater dreams.