C-Land — Microcosmos Chillout & Ambient Podcast 082

C-Land — Microcosmos Chillout & Ambient Podcast 082

The producer of the C-Land project is Konstantin Lelikov, a musician with more than 10 years of musical experience. He started his path a long time ago with light synth-pop, and through years he gradually became fascinated by psybient, ambient, downtempo.

Konstantin experienced creative exploration of digital and analog sound, as well as sound processing of acoustic instruments and vocals, which led him to a clear understanding of sound itself and to his ability to express his vision of the world through music.


01. Hold Your Breath
02. Life is Like a Dream
03. Hallelujah
04. Тени исчезают как птицы
05. The Secrets of Light And The Revelations of Darkness
06. Between Cold And Warm
07. Sereno Cinemática
08. Jaguar
09. In The Dark
10. Sun
11. Великая Любовь Неба Глазами Птиц

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