Sasha Malkovich — Quantum Certainty

Sasha Malkovich — Quantum Certainty
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Microcosmos Records is delighted to present the new album Quantum Certainty by Sasha Malkovich.

Sasha Malkovich is an electronic music producer. After his more than 20-years-long experience in collaboration with famous pop music projects, Sasha launched his own creative career in composing psychedelic chillout. He is the creator of magnificent music atmospheres where the immersing mood of cosmic ambient is skillfully blended with energetic rhythms of progressive together with groovy breakbeat incursions. His debut album Practical Levitation was released in 2018 at Microcosmos Records which led to Sasha gaining appreciation as a brilliant master of his genre.

Quantum Certainty album maintains the concept of the previous author’s works to investigate in his music the connection between the Observer and the Universe through the blend of science and magic, revealing the immersive puzzle of fantasy and reality. The album treats us to a mystical and meditative music hyperspace filling with exquisite balmy audio feelings.

Touch the magic with turning on Quantum Certainty by Sasha Malkovich and Microcosmos Records!


All tracks were written & produced by Sasha Malkovich


Manifold Studio

Cover artwork:

Synergia (Natalya Arustamova)

Cover design:

Manitou Studio

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