Tea Leaves

Tea Leaves
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Microcosmos Records is happy to present Tea Leaves compilation by DJ V++. Nine soft immersive tracks in chillout and ambient create an elegant atmosphere of tea ceremony like nine varieties of tea shaping an exquisite audial space which let you fall in a relaxing state of inner harmony.

The release is compiled by Vladimir Plusov a.k.a. DJ V++, a delicate music fan, and creator of many gentle and emotional mixes in ambient, psychill, downtempo. He is also an enthusiastic traveler and a tea master. A wide background in the art of tea inspired Vladimir to create the smooth and exquisite blend of Tea Leaves compilation.

Welcome to a subtle atmosphere of a musical tea party, make yourself comfortable and enjoy the refined chillout collection of Tea Leaves.


Written & Produced by:
01: Sergey Sever
02: Tagir “Bigfly”
03: Sasha Malkovich
04: Konstantin Kayatma (music), Julya Ruurman (vocal, songwriter)
05: Eduard Korkin
06: Vitaly Bochkov
07: Sergey Akimov
08: Eugenia Rodzevich
09: Artem Demidov

Compiled & Mixed by DJ V++


Manifold Studio

Cover artwork:

Sergey Shevelev

Cover design:

Manitou Studio

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