Eugenia Rodzevich (Zubenko) – award-winner classic music performer since early childhood. In 2002 Eugenia has received a federal grant for her achievements in concert and competition performance.

In 2008 she graduated from music school with honors. Eugenia took part in the competition track, where she won the 1st place. Since 2009, she is producing, releasing and performing electionic music under name Youginia. Her bright melodic tunes will bring you into the state of joy and happiness. Since 2015 Eugenia has been taking part in Microcosmos Records VA compilations, as well as performing live in series of music festivals as a chillout artist.

Atmospheric electronic music by Youginia is based on artful arrangements and classical techniques. Soft vortexes of synthesized sound are delicately shaped with piano parts and vocal by the author.

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