Noraus — Type 1 Civilization

Noraus — Type 1 Civilization
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Microcosmos Records proudly presents “Type 1 Civilization,” the debut chill-out album from electronic music producer Noraus.

Many years ago the Russian scientist Kardashev defined three levels of civilization, based on the amount of energy a civilization is able to utilize.

A Type 1 civilization is able to utilize the energy that reaches its planet from a neighboring star, a Type 2 civilization can harness the energy of the entire neighboring star and a Type 3 civilization controls energy on the scale of its entire host galaxy.

Humanity is not even Type 1 yet. Reaching Type 1 is our way to prosperity.

This album could be a soundtrack for human evolution through technological progress.

Noraus immerses multilayered atmospheric soundscapes into warm fuzzy radio noise, positive emotions, computer signals and songs of the stars. And that ambient can be groovy! Listen as he produces a sound full of ethereal melodies, glitchy clicks and heartbeats. He takes you into a sci-fi cartoon about adventures in space.

Get yourself inspired with “Type 1 Civilization”!


All tracks were written & produced by Max Noraus


Vincent Villuis, Ultimae Studio (France)

Cover artwork:

Evgeniy "Form" Shachek

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